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Paid plans

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Yurii Molchanov

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Going forward!

Usually, all the power and will to own projects at some point begin disappear. Lots of ideas and enthusiasm fades because of fear. But only looking into the eyes of fear you start to see your future. Thats is our way - way of Pritset!

We're thrilled to announce new update:

  • Payment system
  • Paid plans
  • Profile page
  • More statistics

Payment system

As a main payment system we choose Monobank with acquiring as it the most secure and reliable for our customers and for us. If customer feel comfortable - we are safe. With acquiring you will make payments with ease. With our automation system you will receive emails with payment instructions. As we are a young project - we want customers to trust us first and then we will offer automatic subscription flow without any other customer involving and time spend.

Now we can offer paid Standard and Premium plans. They vary in the quantity of concurrent processors and request count. So depends on your business needs you can choose the best plan feet for you.

Profile page

It become rich. Now you can see the notifications you will receive, check your payments, purchase more requests and upgrade your plan.

Every person wants to track money spend so to make customers comfortable we made in table.

In shop you can upgrade your plan and purchase more requests if you are out of it.

More statistics

As we are handling more customers we are aware of customer usage tracking. As a first customer needs we changed old charts to plain text statistics. Its easy to track your usage in the better way. We are trying to staying in the loop with customers to make them have a better user experience with Pritset.


Its only business. Business creates us and we creates business. Customers writes directions which business need to track to stay alive and grow. We are flex for our customers for their business as our main reason to exist is to make customers business runs.

Stay in touch with us. We are making product for You.

Feel free to ping us [email protected].