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The start!

· 3 min read
Yurii Molchanov

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Hello we are Pritset team. Welcome to our Powerful API system which give you and your business grow. It is only a start of a big journey which will lots of underwater stones. This mean lots of works need to be done for our customer be happy to use Pritset. The best pleasure for the project is good customer feedback.

I want to explain all my emotions I feel with this great start. But long story short.

What this project gives you and what is the goal

This project created for business to take some heavy job on it such as image processing, billing and order templates processing.

We know how much it cost so we giving this possibility for you to make you focus on your business ideas and save money. Saving money meaning more income.


At this point you can use project for free


At the moment best performence will be for East Europe

Our goal for the future is to make it as fast as possible and make documetation as rich as it can be. So you or your developers can easily use Pritset.

Also, this blog created for understanding of changes and future plans we want to share with you. Here we will post changelog, links to docs, explanations etc.

So, no more words, lets start!

What project currently can do?

Image processing

Few words about the functionalities. Image processing means resizing, rotating, converting, these are heavy operations our servers handling. This take lot of processor time and memmory. Its only a part of functionality we will deliver closer time

Template processing

Lets assume you are a e-shop keeper, you want to send orders for your customer. Gotha! Template processing will make it for you. What you need? You need to open any document editor like Word or LibreOffice, create a document in your shop style with all the colors and brand logos, mark places in document to want data to replace them. Upload it in your portal and Voala! You are ready to accept fine looking orders for your customers. Just call our API with data you want to pass to your template and wait for the order.

That's how it works.

No more waiting! Lets get start accelarating your business

Get started with documetation.

Just do it!

-- Nike