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Pritset can offer 1 Free and 2 Paid plans for our customers. These are Free, Standard, Premium. Pritset working with Monobank as the most reliable payment system for us in the meanwhile. It accepts payments from Visa and MasterCard systems. So you can easy and safe make payments with your bank card. Payments are made on the monthly basis by sending payer a email to payment page of the Monobank bank.


Please be mindful that if you initiate your payment plan between the 28th and 31st day of the month, your payment will be assessed on the 28th of the following month.


There is a visualization of the payment and subscription process

Plans table

Requsts per month1000500012000
Concurrent Processors124
Email support+++
Price per monthFree$25$50


By default after registration in Pritset you will be subscribed to Free plan automatically. On each month renew requests count will reset. As it is a Free plan requests should not stack

Standard and Premium

Paid plans. With this plans your requests count will stack as you paid for it and will still exist on first month of Free if donwgrade.

How it works

Upon completing your registration on Pritset, navigate to the profile settings. At the bottom of the page, you will find the plans selection section, allowing you to choose the most suitable plan for your needs. Once your initial payment is made, you can view your statistics on the dashboard.

profile image

choose plan

Monthly payments

As you subsribed for a monthly payments you will receive email notifications about payments week before end of payment with URL to payment page. After you received an email reminder for payment you have 1 week to pay your this bill to continue using Pritset with your plan.


You will receive email with payment instructions before end of each end plan month until we have enough trust to us from you :) We aim to ensure that all our customers feel comfortable and at ease with our services.


In the meanwhile the only way to extend your plan is purchase more requests. At the profile settings bottom before plans you can see requests slider where you can choose how much requests more you want to purchase. Minimal request purchase is 1000 requests with step in 500 requests.


Downgrade occures automatically when you stop paying for your plan. It also means that if you pay again you will be renewed to plan.

If downgrade occures your requests from previous paid plan will be added to Free request count. So you don't loosing your requests for following month but you will lose on the next renew.


Renewing is a mechanism working automatically on the background. It schedules at 1st - 28th day of month depends on when you start using Pritset or start any paid plan. If you start using Pritset in 28th - 31ht day of month your next renewal will be at 28th day of the following month. Week before renewal schedules you will receive email with payment instructions and payment url. After you paid succcessfully the renewal mechanism will check it in his time.


Requests will not be added right after you succcessful payment. Requests will be appened only on renewal date (aka your date you start paying or if Free plan then on day when you registered)

For paid plans renewal mechanism will stack requests. That means that if you had some requests left on previous month in next month you will have have summed requests.

For free plan renewal mechanism will reset request count



You can hover the chart element to get more information about the event

So lets go along through the paid process. Lets assume you registered at 4th of January 2024 (4/1/2024). After registration you automatically assigned to Free Plan and next renewal will be planed at 4/2/2024. After some time you dicided to extend your experience with new paid plan at 24/1/2024. So you made your first payment at 24/1/2024 after which your planed Free Plan renewal skipped. Congratulations, you're now on better level! So your next renewal planed at 24/2/2024 and your payment next reminder scheduled at 17/3/2024. You receives your payment reminder at 17/2/2024. After some time after reminder you makinkg a payment at 20/2/2024 and your next reminder scheduled at 17/3/2024. But at that point you do not need Pritset services any more - you just ignoring a payment and on the next renewal at 24/3/2024 you will be automatically donwgraded and using your Free plan at your will.