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Get started with the robust Pritset API! In this section, you will gain an understanding of how to utilize our API. There are two services at your disposal: the template service and the image service. Before you begin using the API, it's recommended to thoroughly review the information provided below to ensure a smooth start


Initially, to utilize the Processing API endpoints, you must initiate an authentication request to obtain an access token. This is a temporary solution at the moment, and it is equivalent to the process of authenticating yourself on your website.

The authentication endpoint:

Data you need to send to this endpoint is x-www-form-urlencoded with parameter:

usernameyour username or email
passwordpassword you're using to authenticate to the portal

Server will response with json object:

access_tokenThe actual access token you need to use for further request to Processing API

Other parameter is not necessary to achieve our goal.

Take access_token to your hands and move on to the Processing Image API and Processing Template API